Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring 2014

 Jeff wearing glasses prior to getting lasik on his eyes.  We took the kids climbing for their first time.  Maybelle has no fear, but Porter wasn't willing to climb too high. None of us are in any sort of climbing shape, and I forgot how tight my shoes are.
 Legos every day! ALWAYS all over my floor, Porter is sentimental, so I have to take photos of all of his favorite creations  before they are demolished or he would cry and try to save the fragile frame forever.  This is a tower crane in case you couldn't tell.
 Riding to Dog Beach as sis pulls out my underwear. It must make the "back of the bike" a bit less scary.
 Lost in the 50's celebration.  This helicopter is a favorite every time!  Maybelle can't make up her mind, she loves being a girl, but emulates her brother, thus the dress/camo hat vibe.
 Last day of Preschool with Miss Barbara.  She was the best teacher for Porter, he came home excited to tell me something he learned each day.
 San Diego family photo...
catching baby crabs in the tide pools, this little man kept doing it for the kids so I decided to be brave as well. Not a pinch.

Monday, March 23, 2015

2014 maybelle

 Maybelle turned 2
 She became an air traffic controller
she should have gotten a few girl toys, but what is life without a brother.

Friday, January 24, 2014

These are the best we can do, we had a poor photogenic period for the last of 2013.

We painted and drilled holes in pumpkins, this is the finished product and our best family photo this year.

   Here are the "Halloweeners", a pig and dozer. Maybelle wanted a sucker to eat and nothing else, unless you include the entire cupcake walk table prior to the trick or treating. Porter loved the donut on the string game, it was fun and funny. He has been waiting for next Halloween since November 1st.
 Highlight of Utah: The Hill Air force Base Museum.  Porter and his cousin had some awesome 3 and 4 year old discussions about how things work there, and their plans of their own.

 Maybelle and Grandpa found their pockets.

Some goobers in full giggle
 The Christmas tree, this photo makes our tree look smaller than actual size (not that we are setting any records).  The kids were obviously proud and excited for what is to come.  My favorite part of Christmas morning was when maybelle found that Santa ate all the cookies and drank all the milk.  Rather than excitement, she was a little ticked that it was all gone. To this day nobody is allowed to drink out of that mug, that is Santa's cup.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Glimpse of 2013 summer

This series doesn't even begin to document our summer fun, but it began at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, Jeff and the kids are in the upper right. The lime green blob.
 Some time at the model train museum with some of my favorite people.  I am the only one missing that train go by.
 Ross Creek Cedars
 Porter turned 4, received a garbage truck and started preschool this year.  Also, this is a different house, we moved, and have moved again since.
 This is the one car garage in our latest set-up.  Porter (wearing poorly constructed, but home made coveralls out of a retired church shirt) ready to change the oil.  Yes, Jeff does, at times, retire clothing.
 Backpacking trip to Cliff Lake, a major success, but lots of work.
 My own North Idaho Hawaii, Priest Lake is my favorite trip of the year, minus the swarming hornets each time we ate.  No stings, the kids are over their fear of bugs, and the sunset.
No shirt, no shoes, no problems.  Alright, I guess our boat filling with water and the moment that that guy had to pull the boat out cause the jeep couldn't hack it, no problems.  That is the way we Jensen's roll.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

March continues 2013

 A beautiful day in our country, or as they call it around here, "God's country".

 I turned 30...that's a big one!
 I should have included more of our poor parenting, but this is the beloved puddle in our backyard in the spring.  It is a fishing hole, a cranberry harvest, and I finally grew tired of keeping Maybelle excluded from the fun.  So on a bitter 50 degree day I set her free.  She was so happy, I could not get her to get out so we let her play until her lips began to change color.  Then stripped her down outside and put her in the bath. Yes, Porter likes to wear basketball shorts over cargo pants to make his wardrobe versatile and unique.  He is ready to build or play ball any time he is not at work on this puddle.
 The fireman told him they would call if they needed more help, he keeps his skills up to date for just that occasion.
 Ponderay egg hunt is the best, we just show up and leave with candy.
Porter and the Easter bunny.

February & March 2013

Porter and Jeff partying at Schweitzer, actually Jeff played with kids while I night skied.  We also watched the torchlight parade and the fireworks show.  Porter loved the show, Maybelle felt a bit differently.
 In February we had a blast hanging out with Grandma Pam, Aunt Carrie, cousin Lincoln and.....
 a fun filled Aunt Lisa.  Porter and Lisa made a huge snowman and a Porter sized snowman.  We are so grateful they made the long long drive to see us.
 Jeff made a cross country ski sled for the kids to ride on.  It works swell for the first half hour, after that they are tired of sitting.  Notice my kids have a bit of an obsession with ski goggles, they love to wear them more than anything.
 We took a quick, very quick trip to Utah for Grandpa Bitton's funeral.  Maybelle and Porter with Gma and Gpa Meyer.
 Intro to boxing of many to come at the Meyer household.
 Porter's highlight was a sample of farm life.  A quick stop at the Jensen farm, Porter showed no fear of this large "bull cow".
 The end to our stop in Utah, and sent with girl scout cookies.  We are so grateful to have seen so much of our families at the beginning of this year.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

1 Year Age

 Maybelle is "1 year age" as her brother says, we are sure happy she is our Maybster baybster.
 She started out slow and dainty, then realized that I made an excellent cake.
 And here is our Sumo wrestler trying out the wax after licking the platter clean. Just kidding, she never even made it to the pudding layer.
We needed two cakes cause Porter graduated from Sunbeams, he didn't want to eat or share his cake.  Which is also why we had 2 cakes. It is an ambulance in case my cake decorating awesomeness fooled you into thinking otherwise.  He could identify it, that is all that matters.